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Globally, more than 1 000 children are diagnosed with cancer daily. In high-income countries survival rates exceed 80%. In contrast only 14 to 15% of children diagnosed with childhood cancer survive in low- and middle-income countries (LMIC), and this is mostly in African countries. This disparity is due to a number of factors which include lack of awareness, weak healthy systems and low prioritisation of childhood cancer in public health. To address this inequity, the WHO Global Initiative for Childhood Cancer was launched at the 2018 United General Assembly Third High -level Meeting on the prevention and control of Non-Communicable Diseases. This initiative aims to bring stakeholders together to implement the CureAll framework which aims to achieve at least 60% survival for childhood cancer globally and reduce suffering for all. It is anticipated that if this goal is achieved an additional 1 million lives will be saved. The ACO childhood cancer campaign outlines strategy for childhood cancer training, public awareness, advocacy and support of countries to successfully implement the CureAll framework.

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