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Cervical cancer is a disease of major public significance with almost 70% occurring in developing countries and is the commonest female cancer. An estimated 570,000 new cases are diagnosed and about 311,000 women die unnecessary from cervical cancer worldwide every year. Women with cervical cancer often present in an advanced stage of the disease where palliation is the only treatment option. This makes treatment ineffective and very expensive. The mortality and morbidity from cervical are therefore very high. The reason for this is that, there is currently no organized public health education and mass screening campaigns in most countries to detect cervical cancers at an early stage where treatment is often cheap but effective. These reasons coupled with high illiteracy and poverty makes it difficult to avert the prevailing trend of the neoplastic disease. Most of the time these women who die from cervical cancer leave behind orphans. The ACO cervical cancer elimination campaign outlines strategy for cervical cancer clinical training, public health awareness, screening, diagnosis, pre-cervical lesion treatment and vaccination.

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