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Cancerlabs Cancer Prevention and Screening Services


Cancerlabs provides preventive cancer screening and related services for individuals, families and businesses. Cancerlabs has the ability to connect and optimize health using simple and fast test devices, sensors, data analytics and software capabilities. Cancerlabs brings together biomedical engineering and medical science to create sustainable health solutions to improve productivity.


Cancerlabs Vision

Cancerlabs simply helps people to prevent future cancers.


Cancerlabs Mission

Cancerlabs prevents people from exposure to avoidable cancer risk factors and downstage cancers by detecting cancers at earlier stages where cure is often possible.


Cancerlabs Operations

  1. Cancer Prevention – Cancerlabs provides cancer prevention training and vaccination

  2. Cancer Early Detection – Cancerlabs undertake comprehensive cancer screening using blood, serum, feces, cervical smear and clinical examination

  3. Cancer Research – Cancerlabs conducts predictive and big data analytics


Cancerlabs Screening Types

Cancerlabs offers comprehensive or site-specific cancer screening services for common cancers affecting people including:

  • Cervical screening

  • Breast screening

  • Prostate screening

  • Liver screening

  • Stomach screening

  • Colorectal screening

Cancerlabs Navigation

Cancerlabs also provides patient navigation program for individuals and families affected by cancer.

Cancerlabs Contact

Telephone: +233 (0)302 943 692,  +233 (0)302 825 184


Social media: @thecancerlabs

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