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Pinkdrive on Geneva Lake!

Following the successful Pink October cancer awareness months held over the years in Africa, the Pinkdrive comes to Geneva! 


The ACO Pinkdrive cover a diverse array of issues related to cancer control in Africa such as cancer prevention workshops, outreach missions, cancer screening and fundraising activities.


From this October's cancer awareness month, ACO will build support towards its Global Cancer Control Campaign to develop realistic and sustainable cancer control programs in Africa.


ACO Global Cancer Control Campaign allows everyone to participate in various activities to support and promote cancer prevention in Africa. Together, let's make a difference and show our support for cancer prevention in Africa.


The goal of this 2024 Pinkdrive is to help downstage the currently prevailing high incidence of breast cancers in Africa by raising the needed support for breast cancer early detection, resourcing health institutions with mammography machines and also building capabilities of health professionals needed to diagnose breast cancers early.


The two main events earmarked to take place in Geneva for the 2024 Pinkdrive are:

1. Presentations of Cancers Affecting Women in Africa 

2. Cancer Charity Concert and Photo Exhibition on Geneva Lake

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